Match Report
Crawford College La Lucia Mixed-U18A vs  Ashton International College Ballito
On: Wednesday, 19 Feb 2020
Venue: Away


Our Crawford swimmers braved the rain to participate in the Ashton Ballito gala last Wednesday. Ashton Ballito had invited Ashton Benonin to attend their gala and it would have been a travesty had they flown all the way from Gauteng to have the gala cancelled.

La Lucia therefore did the noble thing and swam in the inclement weather.We had alos been on Bonding Tours and would not have swum for two weeks had we not attended.

KZN officials were in attendance and thus there were a number of disqualifications, many of which were for turns which are not required at the D and D Gala.Nevertheless La Lucia were disqualified in 5 races and Ashton 10 races.

Final points were as follows:

4th Ashton Benoni - 100

3rd Curro Mt. Richmore - 108

2nd Ashton Ballito - 131

1st Crawford La Lucia - 158